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Looking for an apartment? What if I could simplify your search, FOR FREE, and pay you to move in?

Skeptical? I don't blame you, I would be too! But it's really pretty simple:

As an Apartment Locator in Houston and surrounding areas, I work for you, not the apartment complex. 

The apartments will pay me a referral fee for sending you their way, all you have to do is put me down as the referral on the guest card and application and simply keep me in the loop in the process. 

When you do that, the apartments will pay me for sending you to them, as a thank you, I send you a good portion of that after you move in.

Other Bonuses:

All at no cost to you, I can simplify your search. 

You tell me Where you want to be, What you need (Size, bedrooms, bathrooms, deposit, pets, amenities. You name it, I can search it!)

I'll take that search, find the best deals and most importantly, call the apartments to verify pricing specials and availability so I can send you only to the properties that best suite your needs and ARE AVAILABLE!  

FINE PRINT: Big, bold and upfront!

All apartments will pay a different referral fee based on the units they want to move. $200 is an average locator rebate, not a guarantee (it can be much more or much less). Some apartments will offer a flat fee as low as $50 (or nothing, some apartments do not pay locators at all.) and some can offer as much as 100% of 1 months rent. My locator rebate is typically 25% of what the apartment pay me.

You will have a role to play as well, in order to get the complex to accept my invoice, I'll need your help. You must put my name and phone number any where a referral shows up, typically on the guest cards and Application form. If you don't do this, I won't get paid which means I can't pay you.

Some apartments will require me to register you, so if I send you a list of 10 apartments and you plan to visit 3, just let me know which ones and approximately when.

If you sign a lease, tell me. I'll follow up with them, make sure they have everything they need and send them an invoice!

Apartments usually pay within 30-60 days after you move in. As soon as I get paid, I immediately notify you and let you know I'm sending you you're rebate.


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